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Monday, April 23, 2018

Day 142/365 - Change it Up

Step One: Read the Prompt

 Step Two: Open only magazine I have on my table. Turn to second page and immediately think of what to do.

Step Three: Ask husband to borrow his X-Acto knife. He can't find it, but offers a box cutter. Make it work to start removing speech bubbles.

Step Four: Ask 7yo to borrow her glue stick and glue down the magazine page to a piece of construction paper.

Step Five: Breathe deeply as 7yo makes color suggestions for each haiku from my choice of colored pens.

Step Six: Explain to 7yo how to write a haiku. Breathe even more deeply as she then tries to count syllables on her fingers while I'm still trying to write.

Step Seven: Take picture the minute it's finished then run and hide so that I don't have to listen to anymore syllable counting.

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