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Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 240/365 - Chopped Up

I knocked this one out while waiting for my youngest to eat his dinner, but I never noticed how much he bumps the table while trying not to eat.

Day 235/365 - Body Parts

Just looking at this makes my skin crawl. I absolutely CAN'T STAND when anyone writes on themselves. I yell at anyone who does it. So this super freaked me out AND as if that wasn't enough, I still can't get the pen off my hand and I'm feeling some serious anxiety over it. 

Anything for the project.

Day 234/365 - Funny Only to a Few

Next to my kids, more prompts have been inspired by the Ohio 5. Putting post it notes all over a car is a long standing prank/joke, and I think they'll appreciate that I've forever immortalized it in haiku.

Day 233/365 - Smush It Together

Seriously. I caught up on 5 prompts while waiting for my youngest to eat dinner. Hence his being my muse for my portmanteau. 

Day 222/365 - That Looks Delicious

Strayed a bit from the prompt, because who wants to look at unappetizing food. And this dinner was seriously one of the best I've ever made. Thank you recipe from Martha Stewart and thanks to her for it actually being simple enough to follow and use normal human being ingredients.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Day 219/365 - Bits and Pieces

Found  a few scraps of construction paper that the kids left behind. (I'm going to find these tiny pieces all around my desk for the next month.) 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Day 220/365 - I'm Blue

Seriously. I could not possibly have had better timing for doing this one. Middle of the afternoon, my husband was just letting a Google Pay list go, and this came on as I was coloring the light blue background.

Day 218/365 - Measure Twice, Cut Once

Got out my trust bowling ruler that I've had since I was on a bowling league when I was 13. Useful once again for its transparency. I put the haiku below, just in case it's too tricky to read.

Day 217/365 - Flip it Off

I'm not sure how many times I tried to actually just get a video of trying to flip the pages on this, but it always seemed to skip some. So I went back and used the same app I used for the time lapse day. I think you get the gist.

Day 216/365 - Light It Up

A quick haiku post-it note on the lava lamp that sits on my desk at work.

Day 215/365 - On the Wall

Tiny bit of wall
In my backyard, near the ground
water marked the day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 183/365 - Movie Quote Haiku

This one is for a dear friend, he knows who he is. And now, I didn't make the hat, but you've got to run with what jumps in your head.

Day 145/365 - Something Unexpected

Just a quick trip outside to my backyard to throw this one together. And I glance at my phone to remember how to spell incongruous.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Day 150/365 - Something in the Kitchen Smells Great

After a long day at the zoo, we decided that macaroni and cheese sounded like the perfect dinner. Then we decided it definitely needs some smoked sausage in it. The finished product smelled SO GOOD. Then I knew it would totally count for the prompt!

Day 142/365 - Change it Up

Step One: Read the Prompt

 Step Two: Open only magazine I have on my table. Turn to second page and immediately think of what to do.

Step Three: Ask husband to borrow his X-Acto knife. He can't find it, but offers a box cutter. Make it work to start removing speech bubbles.

Step Four: Ask 7yo to borrow her glue stick and glue down the magazine page to a piece of construction paper.

Step Five: Breathe deeply as 7yo makes color suggestions for each haiku from my choice of colored pens.

Step Six: Explain to 7yo how to write a haiku. Breathe even more deeply as she then tries to count syllables on her fingers while I'm still trying to write.

Step Seven: Take picture the minute it's finished then run and hide so that I don't have to listen to anymore syllable counting.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 141/365 - Pop Up Project

Decided to just try the instructions the journal gave me and work from there. I might have dressed it up a but more, but time was short today.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Day 115/365 - Throw Out the Instructions

Decided to go find my own instructions to ignore. But then I didn't plan it out very well. Ah well, you get what I was going for. I think this was instructions for an origami bird. I used it to make the only other origami I can do without instructions.

Day 114/365 - Breaded and Decorated

Star on burger bun.
Another that I forgot
to post on that day.

Day 113/365 - Paint the Town Red

I just found out that today is Haiku Poetry Day! How opportune is that?!?! Just a quick one done at work, using my red desk as a backdrop.

Day 112/365 - Multi-colored Stars

Multi-colored stars.
Made this last April. Forgot.
Didn't do again.

Another from the collection that seemed familiar when I was reading prompts. Had the photo from last year, so used it for one.

Day 111/365 - Playing with my Food

Leftover dinner,
Casserole: Pork, peas, noodles
Son ate noodles first.

And as a bonus, I was looking through prompts and I actually remembered doing some of them. Turns out I did the project but never posted it, so I'll add this one as a bonus. Last April my theme was stars, and I made this one out of french fries!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 110/365 - Oops...

I can't stand the idea of making a mess on purpose, so I had to go for the cheat. I've made enough inadvertent messes to know what it feels like when you spill something you really need.

Bonus: As I was reading prompts some of these started to sound familiar. I looked through old photos and found some I had done but never posted. Last April, when my theme was stars, I made this one out of spilled glue.

Day 98/365 - Time Machine

I remembered being terrified of trying this one the first time around. Photography has never been fun for me, nor am I very good at it. But I noticed that my phone camera had a time-lapse feature. I decided to try that. It didn't do exactly what I wanted, so I looked for a free app, which I found and it worked GREAT!

If you're really curious to actually read the haiku, here ya' go!