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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Day 341/365 - Spinning Haiku

This was actually attempt number two once I realized I had over complicated the project. Mostly because I was trying to build something I already had.

Right around 2000, through a strange occurrence, I was was given a $100 gift certificate for the gift show at the Columbus Museum of Art. My husband and I went and looked around, not knowing what we find to spend it on, and assumed it wouldn't be much to spend anyway. In the end we chose this mobile.

And yeah, we're not generally the type of people who would spend $100 on 3 pieces of wire, some fishing line and some colorful wood shapes, but since it wasn't our money and there was just something about this that we both really liked. It's moved with us each time and for the last 5 years, has enjoyed a sunny spot on our porch. 

Once I remembered I already had a functioning mobile, things went quite quickly. I grabbed my colorful post it notes and wrote out the haiku. 

Then I took them out to the porch to stick them to the wood shapes. Once I grabbed a chair to stand on because I was just too short for the center one, it was all done!

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