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Monday, February 5, 2018

Day 323/365 - Bygone Era

I knew exactly what to use for this prompt. Since roughly 1999, we've kept our collection of AOL and Netscape discs that were sent to us in the mail.

I had to put on my coast and head out to the garage where our collection currently lives.

My husband started collecting them on this rope at the first place we lived together. They've moved each time with us and just hung out somewhere in the house as a reminder of days gone by. They were hanging up high and I couldn't get the whole collection down, so I cracked the bottom one to get it off.

I found this gem from 2003. I had to tape it together so I could write on the back. But it was totally worth the trip to find. Remember the days of getting two or three of these in the mail everyday???

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