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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 307/365 - Leafy Green

There have only been a few prompts that were easy to find the inspiration for. Our house had become a haven for unwanted house plants. We adopted a couple when a friend's uncle passed away and they needed re-homed. Two of them are from funeral planters, as a living memorial. A couple were bought specifically. The older I get, them more I appreciate the plants.

The one I focused on is an ivy, that is the only thing that survived from my mom's funeral. It took several tries to get the shape right. I actually took one of the dead leaves and traced it, then tried to magnify it to a larger size I could work with.

I will admit to cheating so far as looking up a quote. The Bing search was "inspirational quotes about house plants". You' be surprised how many hits you get for that.

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