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Monday, January 1, 2018

Day 303/365 - Colorful Snake

Yesterday should have been day 365 for me, but alas, since I missed so many, I'm still working through them. Since it's January 1, I needed a new theme. Wasn't sure what to do, so was waiting for inspiration to strike.

It's been really cold here in Central Ohio. The last four days it's been between 10-20 degrees with a blanket of snow on the ground. We've been hunkered down in the house, mostly because we haven't bothered with cold or snow gear the last year or two because we haven't really needed it. Today the kids were going a bit stir-crazy, so we headed down to COSI (which is the science museum here in Columbus).

My kids wanted to visit the art studio there, so we played in there a bit when I noticed a makeshift LiteBrite. This one was a black peg board and there with lots of neon painted golf tees. I decided I could make a very colorful snake on here. so after a few minutes and some extra time when little kids wanted to play with the tees also, I finished my snake! 

That led me to deciding that my theme for this January should be making everything I do as colorful as possible.

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