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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Day 318/365 - Stretchy Stuff

I admit it. I didn't make this. My daughter made it for me. She got a loom band set for Christmas, with the stretchy fabric bands. She made me this one with colors she knew I'd like. To be fair, I had no rubber bands, so I don't know what I would have done anyway.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Day 317/365 - Footprint

I had a little time in between stages of getting my taxes filed to get this done. I think either my childhood imagination was better, or the shape of my hand changed a lot since I was a kid.

I remember fondly making a fist and putting it on a stamp pad and making footprints with the side of my hand. I couldn't find a stamp pad with any ink in the house, so I settled for orange paint and cotton swab.

It was a fun little foray back to childhood, even though it didn't work quite right. I got another funny look from my husband when I was painting the side of my hand. It really does show my dedication to this, though, because I can't stand when ANYONE, let alone myself writes or draws on themselves. This was a little painful for me.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Day 316/365 - Don't Play with your Food

I really did just jump in with the first thing that popped in my head that kept with my theme and the prompt. This one just took a few minutes and got a few strange looks when my kids saw me pouring rice onto a sheet of paper.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Day 315/365 - Make it Disappear

Slightly ignoring the prompt. We had one of those weekends where very little got accomplished but I still felt busy. Today we at a really big breakfast and a pretty late lunch. By the time we got home, it was about 4:00, which is when I'd normally start making dinner. I asked the kids if they were hungry. They said they weren't, but I was overcome with the desire to eat some cake. Because the only way to not feel guilty about eating the cake, is to make my own, I made two. Really, making two was based on once my husband found out I wanted to make a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, but he informed me yellow cake with chocolate frosting would be better. 

The only way this actually ties into the prompt is how quickly about half of the cake became invisible when the family attacked them in lieu of dinner. And it was all totally worth it.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Day 314/365 - Tattoed on My Heart

If I didn't feel like tattoos had to mean something, I would get something like this in a heartbeat, just for fun.

What made this even more fun for me, is this is a totally original design. I've colored so many similar designs in coloring books and such that I thought I'd try my hand at drawing my own.

Of course I started with pencil, and then started back over with a black felt tip. Putting each element in was really fun. I thought of all the parts of these I like to color and added as many of those elements as I could think of.

Then I decided if this was all fun and just for me, I'd use my four favorite colors. Done and done. Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to get a tattoo just because I think it's pretty.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Day 313/365 - All Fired Up

I really wanted to actually set something on fire for today's prompt, but it seemed a tad irresponsible with the kids around.

So I settled for digging through the kids' scrap construction paper drawer to use up some of the pieces they've been throwing aside.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Day 312/365 - Black Out

I'll admit. I didn't know how to make all black materials colorful unless I actually colored with black. So I settled for doing that today. I used my black metallic marker for this. If the metallic actually showed up, this would have looked really cool.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Day 311/365 - Mirror Image

I tried for 6 days to come up with something for Day 310. I finally gave up and turned the page to 311. I started on this at work today when I had several long drawn out phone calls. This great desk pad has gotten me through some really painful phone calls. It's a huge part of the reason I keep markers at my desk. What's funny, is that I think this is the first time I've every colored the entire border.

Of course the hard part was writing backwards. I just accepted that I'd have to sketch it with a pencil first. But the kids watching me doing it backwards was priceless. They almost looked scared to ask me if I knew it was wrong.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Day 309/365 - Rolling Along

For the video of this in action, you'll have to check out my Instagram feed, but I promise it really works. It took me several days to work up the motivation to finish this one. I'm not sure why, but nothing seemed to amuse me in terms of what to do. 

Thanks goodness for snowy Saturdays which give a chance to get a prompt done. And thanks to my kids for letting me borrow legos and part of their hot wheels track so my little bus could roll.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Day 308/365 - From a Distance

Every so often, I really do have the best of intentions to make a prompt happen. But then other times, my kids decide they want math worksheets, and I sit down at the table with them, print some off and print a sudoku for myself. So, I'm counting today as an ignore the prompt day. I don't know that I could have done this one justice anyway.

Kid you not, this flipping puzzle took me two stinkin' days to finish. Not only did it take two days, I actually got to a full stop, and this was after I had to put place holder in every square. 

I mean, I don't pretend to be the world's best at puzzles, but I usually don't have this much trouble. This one was just really difficult. I finally got to another stop and had to take a guess and work from there, keeping track where my guess started. I did this through making copies of where I was stopped and using different colors, to track. So, I guess in that way, I'm at least keeping with my colorful theme.

When all was said and done, I went through three color drafts. Then, if that wasn't punishment enough, I made one more copy to see if there were other solutions. Yeah. There were. 

I may never do a sudoku again.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Day 307/365 - Leafy Green

There have only been a few prompts that were easy to find the inspiration for. Our house had become a haven for unwanted house plants. We adopted a couple when a friend's uncle passed away and they needed re-homed. Two of them are from funeral planters, as a living memorial. A couple were bought specifically. The older I get, them more I appreciate the plants.

The one I focused on is an ivy, that is the only thing that survived from my mom's funeral. It took several tries to get the shape right. I actually took one of the dead leaves and traced it, then tried to magnify it to a larger size I could work with.

I will admit to cheating so far as looking up a quote. The Bing search was "inspirational quotes about house plants". You' be surprised how many hits you get for that.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Day 306/365 - Post It Up

Yeah, this one feels like another slight cheat. But, to be fair, I have some really interesting post-it notes and it would be a pity not to use them fun stuff.

My first thought was how much fun it would be to try one of the stick figure flip books. But honestly, I had trouble justifying wasting an entire pad of post it notes. So, on to Plan B.

Step 1: Dig through desk drawers to find whatever post it notes I have at home. Find success in a pad I forgot about.

Step 2: Notice how very tiny the designs actually are on this. Dig out my set of colored pens, but decide that these aren't very fun and remember that younger daughter just got a set of 100 gel pens for Christmas. Ask to borrow them. Wait until she finds the tiny key that unlocks the very pink box she's storing them in.

Step 3: Choose first color. Remove cap. Lower pen to paper. Child one asks what I'm doing. Finds out, asks to color one too. Remove page under mine. Lower pen to paper again. Child 2 asks what I'm doing. Finds out, asks to color one too. Remove page under mine. Lower pen to paper again. Child 3 asks what I'm doing. Finds out, asks to color one too. Remove page under mine. Lower pen to paper again. Stop. Find Child 4, ask if he'd like to join us.  He doesn't. Of course.

Step 4: Choose a very tiny area and start coloring. Choose two more colors and areas. Find first glitter pen. Realize it may be the most amazing thing EVER. Wonder if I would be judged for doing all professional work with sparkle gel pens.

Step 5: Yell at children for bumping the table. Dig out more sparkle color pens. Finish top of paper. Child one "finishes" and asks if she can make other stuff in the middle of paper. Start on bottom of paper.

Step 6: Child 3 has drawn a smiley face on his and walked away. Child 2 says she's getting bored and decides to turn hers into a frame for a Hamilton quote.

Step 7: Finishing the coloring. Draw a hashtag using the obvious sparkle pen. Take picture of my sheet. Child 2 insists I take a picture of hers. Then said I should take a picture of Child 1's. Realize I've got a headache, possibly from straining eyesight looking at tiny lines, also possible from huffing sparkle gel pens.

Step 8: Finally done.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Day 305/365 - Truth in Advertising

My big mistake on today's project was forgetting to take a picture of what I started with. I had to dig through my recycling, and I decided to pick the first thing I found.

We don't get much junk mail at out house (thankfully), but I did come across this mailer from Whole Foods, which I really can't afford to shop at, but they keep sending the circular anyway.

There were 8 pages to this mailing, and I had to look through the whole thing several times to find something I wanted to work with. I settled on the last page which was advertising a cook book/diet plan that they sell. When I saw the tomatoes and peppers, I thought they might look like flowers.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Day 304/365 - Chime In Anytime

Slight cheat on this prompt, but I already had a perfectly good set of chimes at home, but I'd been meaning to make them a little more kid friendly, so that my kids could have another way to practice reading music. And as long as I was doing all that, I might as well make them really colorful.

I picked up this set of chimes from Craigslist. I had been looking for a clarinet for my daughter. When I went to pick it up, the woman offered these chimes for an extra $10. So obviously I said yes.

Each bar has the note etched on it, but the kids told me a while back they're hard to see when they're looking back and forth between music. When I read today's prompt, I knew just what I'd like to do. I pulled out my trust markers and some small removable labels I've had in my drawer.

Once I got started decorating them, I was having a great time. My younger daughter just sat and watched me, often suggesting some of the color combinations (she's the resident expert on that). 

I wanted to make sure the labels wouldn't affect the sound of the chimes. After a couple of tries, I was convinced they could stay.