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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day 300/365 - Hot to the Touch

This project took me three days. Not because I suck at knitting, or because it takes me a long time, but I am essentially solo-parenting all four kids this week, and there always seemed to be something that needed taken care of.

I was drinking a hot cup of coffee when I read the prompt and thought I might want to make another of the mug rugs that I made back in February. I remembered seeing a pattern for a Christmas tree so I spent some time looking that up and then had to dig some yarn out of a moving box in my basement.

After I got the first one done, though, I thought it might be fun to figure out a way to turn this into a cup cozy. I measured the finished one and measured a mug, and realized that just making a second one and joining them would be the right size.

I sewed one seam then dug through my daughter's bead stash to find ones I could use for buttons on the other side. I was maybe most excited that I found matching ones, and that they're orange, my favorite color.

Most of my #make365 projects have gone into a bin under my desk, but this one is going in my car. I think I'll keep it there and save the cardboard sleeves when I get a coffee on the go.

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