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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Day 298/365 - Put it in Reverse

I have a hard enough time being creative in the correct order, let alone trying to reverse it. But, since I involved my kids in making stuff, I think this totally counts for making something more complicated.

Because procrastination is my strong suit, sometimes I find ways to make it completely work to my advantage. After taking my oldest to her cheer practice, and knowing my husband was working at the new house, I thought it might be fun to run to Michael's (it's a craft store chain here in Central Ohio) to see if we would find some kid friendly craft activities to make for Grandma for Christmas. Possible the best part of this story, is that because it's just two days before Christmas, the crafts were 75% off, so we got them for a steal.

We all sat at the table together working on the projects. There were  few moments when they all needed me at the same time, but it was mostly a lovely way to pass a snowy, cold afternoon. Don't tell the other three, but the picture I got was the one my older son did and it's totally my favorite.

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