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Monday, December 4, 2017

Day 285/365 - Strange Looks

Today's was excellent timing as I rarely have plastic ware. It was also excellent timing for the amusing looks I got from people at the workshop I was at.

I was at Creative Ohio:Healthy Communities which was held at the Ohio History Connection. This brought people working in arts organizations from all over the state to a day long conference focusing on how the arts held build healthy communities.

As is usual at conference like this, a lovely lunch was served. I was sitting at a table with eight other people and we spent some time talking about our various organizations. They told us some extra time was being built in to lunch time for networking, so no one was in a hurry.  A couple of the people finished eating and left the table, and the others stayed behind talking. As we were all talking, I started breaking apart my plasticware into smaller pieces to work with. (Special bonus, they gave us tote bags with some fabric markers that we could color with, which is where the color came from in this project. After I finished this, two other ladies and I pulled these out and started coloring our bags.)

I suppose it probably looked like I had some sort of neurosis. But after I explained about the project, they all got big smiles on their faces and started offering their forks and adding some ideas. It was the first time I've shared about the project and gotten such a supportive response. It was really kind of nice to not get puzzled looks.

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