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Friday, November 17, 2017

Day 276/365 - Around the World

 I was so excited to have an excuse to spin my globe.

In between jobs actually pertaining to my career, I worked for a time as a server and corporate trainer for Bob Evans Restaurant. Each milestone year you worked for them (mine was 5) you got to choose an appreciation gift from a catalog. I had always wanted a nice globe, so that's what I chose. It has been happily perched on top of my piano ever since.

 So I gave it a spin, closed my eyes, and it the first attempt landed me in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. That didn't seem interesting enough, so I tried again.

Firmly landed in the Caribbean. My first idea was something involving pirates (because I love me some Johnny Depp) but couldn't come up with anything I actually had the talent for. Then I remembered one of my coloring books.

Flipped through it to see if I could find anything. The one I settled on isn't quite right, but it did have a very tropical feel. Sometimes you just settle for "close enough".

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