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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 274/365 - Back to the Future

Okay, so I totally waited 2 days to post, just because I knew how well it would match the prompt. I also assumed (correctly) that I would get this done until my son's due date. He's in Kindergarten, so needed a lot of help. So much so, that I can totally claim this as a creative day.

This project was born from my son's turkey disguise project. Lots of kids get this. The premise is that the child has to disguise a turkey so that it won't get eaten at Thanksgiving. My son first said he thought the moon would be a good place for the turkey to hide. So then we talked about how the turkey would get to the moon. (Believe me, I've had stranger conversations with him.) Then we decided the turkey would definitely be piloting the rocket ship that would take him to the moon and that it might be fun to make a rocket ship.

All in all, this is making its way up to my favorite prompt days. I think it's pretty fun.

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