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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Day 262/365 - Carve it Up

Sometimes there are prompts in which I feel like I'm taking the easy out. But when I'm tied to items at my desk, improvisations must be made.

First thing I went digging in my desk for was an x-acto knife. I know there was one there at some point, but things wander away from my desk all the time. I did find something that might be able to carve something. We get samples from a company for giveaways. I keep most of them. Today, one came in handy.

I looked around for something to carve into. I thought I might have a stress ball, or something. After deciding I didn't, I opted for a piece of card stock. 

Once I carved in #makesomething365 using one of the screwdriver bits, on white paper, you couldn't really see it. So I got out the trust crayons again today.


I colored over my etching, but it was still kind of hard to see. So finally I decided to trace over the etching with a pencil, just so you could see the letters a little better.

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