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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Day 252/365 - Commune with Nature

Unless you're from Ohio, you're asking what this is. It's a buckeye necklace. It's what we do here on a game day.

This was such a case of opportune timing. I was panicking what to do with this prompt. I looked at it first thing this morning and was drawing a total blank.

I spent the afternoon with the kids at the Hot Times festival, here in town. They had a fantastic kids craft area. My younger three wanted to try everything, which I always encourage. Then I saw the big tub of buckeyeys and knew I should make a necklace just for me and just for fun. I wore it all afternoon and evening.

It wasn't until 10 minutes ago, (It's 10:15 pm) just I was accepting defeat on today's prompt that I remembered I already did it!

And now I'll get back to watching the end of the game. Right now, my Buckeyes are down. Still holding out for a rally! GO BUCKS!


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