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Monday, September 4, 2017

Day 247/365 - Scavenger Hunt


This one was almost too easy to come up with what I wanted to do. Actually planning it out was much trickier, but really fun. This one may have jumped up into my top 10 favorite prompts.

Everyone in my family is a Pokemon fan. My husband and I play Pokemon Go, the older two kids are avid card collectors and players. The younger two have some cards of their own and enjoy the toys and the cartoon. So the prizes were definitely going to be Pokemon related. I thought about creating one big hunt for all 4 of them to work on together, but thought that might get chaotic. So I did one for the older two (they got the cards; chose two of the same so they wouldn't fight) and one for the younger two (they got the toys). 

I liked that they were going to have to work together. I even wrote the clues for age appropriateness. Once I got started, it went pretty easily. Hiding the clues and the toys with all of them in the house was a little trickier, but I've gotten pretty good at distracting them, so I even managed that.

One of the hints for the older two

The younger kids' series

I might have been most proud of my younger daughter. She just started first grade and read the clues by herself. She even solved the clues, explaining to her younger brother what was going on as she did.

I started the hunts with a letter in an envelope, which I handed to each team and then they were off. The younger two finished first, mostly because one of the older kids' clues was pretty hard. In the end we all had a good laugh at them solving it and I appreciated their willingness to just jump right in and try it.

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