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Friday, August 25, 2017

Day 238/365 - Banner Day

When  I first read the prompt, I panicked. I haven't had any success with any of the prompts that has us working in a large format. Then I saw the part about it not needing to be large. The I knew just what I wanted to do.

I dug through my desk drawer to find an interesting post it note pad. I went with this one, knowing I would just use the bottom of it, turned upside down. Then I decided to design it like a billboard. Then I went in search of this certain set of blocks that I enjoy fiddling with while the kids build stuff. I remember finding this set at a silent auction awhile back. It wasn't in the place I thought, though, so I asked my 8 yo son. "You know where the games are in the basement? It's on the next shelf over, all the way at the bottom." I thought that was surprisingly specific for him, and sure enough, there they were.

Then I just measured out blocks to be a little longer than my mural, then hung it on my wall!

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