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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 236/365 - Everywhere I Go

I'll have to post this one a little differently. I liked the idea of this prompt right away. It immediately reminded me of my friend Ruby, who often takes her childrens' small toys with her on business trips and documents their adventures while she's away. I didn't get the bonus on this one, but I did go right to my daughters who collect Shopkins to see if they had a tiny cake I could borrow. I knew I could count on them.

So today I took Tiny Cake around with me as I went through my day. Nothing too exciting, but she seemed to enjoy it.

She posed for her first shot next to my deflating birthday balloon that has already managed to survive 8 days.

Then it was into my car to head for work.

She made my first (and possibly most important) stop of the day with me.

Then we got to work at office #1 where we had a full half-day of theatre administration.

Next up was an errand to The Ohio State University, where we had to drop off some promotional postcards. 

Next stop was the Distribution Center for the Columbus Metropolitan Library with more postcards.

Then we made it to office #2 where Tiny Cake helped my through a huge pile of emails and a meeting with some of the board members. 

As we left my office, we stopped to visit the statue near where I park called 'Deer in the City'.

Finally we made it back home to be attacked by the kids and we were both very ready for dinner!

Once all the kids were in bed, Tiny Cake and I kicked back to relax.

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