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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 223/365 - Mad Libs

August is proving to be the toughest month yet. Now, much of that is due to starting the new job and really taking off and running with it. I'm working more hours and bringing a lot more work home. Finding the time to get the prompts in is tricky. 

So I've vowed to make all missed days up at the end, so I'm keeping careful track. This one is actually from two days ago, but weird problems arose in getting it completed.

 I have wonderful memories of madlibs on car rides with my family. We would positively cackle at our ridiculous responses. I was looking forward to writing my own, using my birthday celebration as the premise.

I started by giving my husband the word prompts last night. He was not in the spirit of giving and gave rather lewd answers on every line. Which was funny to me, but certainly not what I needed for the project. So I tried again with my kids this morning. Here were there responses:

That was much sweeter, so we went with that. Although apparently my birthday was completely ignored. I really do want to catch up and not skip, so I'll keep trying...

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