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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 244/365 - I've Been Framed

Last day of the cake theme and I'm thrilled. I was so excited about this when I started, but I'm thoroughly over it now.

I tried to find a frame somewhere in my house to fit my favorite birthday card I received this year, but I couldn't find one. So I decided to make my own.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 243/365 - Philatelist in Training

I had convinced myself I was too tired to do the prompt. I'm glad I grabbed the pens and tried.

I'm most proud of the flag pole. 😀

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Day 241/365 - Let's Play a Game

Today's project will be over on the Facebook page today! I'm getting by with a little help from my friends!


Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 242/365 - Marks A Lot

Sometimes you gotta take the easy way out. Hardest part was choosing the picture to print.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Day 239/365 - Desaturated

Some days are just lacking in creativity. I couldn't come up with a way to create something that looked desaturated, so I went to a past day and applied a filter. I am not ashamed.


Friday, August 25, 2017

Day 238/365 - Banner Day

When  I first read the prompt, I panicked. I haven't had any success with any of the prompts that has us working in a large format. Then I saw the part about it not needing to be large. The I knew just what I wanted to do.

I dug through my desk drawer to find an interesting post it note pad. I went with this one, knowing I would just use the bottom of it, turned upside down. Then I decided to design it like a billboard. Then I went in search of this certain set of blocks that I enjoy fiddling with while the kids build stuff. I remember finding this set at a silent auction awhile back. It wasn't in the place I thought, though, so I asked my 8 yo son. "You know where the games are in the basement? It's on the next shelf over, all the way at the bottom." I thought that was surprisingly specific for him, and sure enough, there they were.

Then I just measured out blocks to be a little longer than my mural, then hung it on my wall!

Day 237/365 - Creative Promotion Bookmark

I've decided my favorite prompts are the ones where you're not given a lot of specific direction and the prompt is pretty straightforward. It lets me have more fun and not worry about how artistic it is.

I just used an index card, some stickers and some colored pens and markers to put this one together.

I pass the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library every day between offices, so I decided to leave it there somewhere. My first hope was that they would have a copy of 365: A Creativity Journal, but no such luck (although they do have the e-book available, so that's something.

So then I decided I would look for another 365 journal of some sort. I did a catalog search of just '365'. The first one I found available at this branch was '365 Ways to Live Graciously'. I searched it out in the New Book section of the non-fiction floor.

 I decided to leave it at Day 237 of this book as well. I'll be interested to see if it's found/ On the back of the card, I gave a quick explanation of my project and invited the finder to check out the blog. I guess we'll wait and see!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 236/365 - Everywhere I Go

I'll have to post this one a little differently. I liked the idea of this prompt right away. It immediately reminded me of my friend Ruby, who often takes her childrens' small toys with her on business trips and documents their adventures while she's away. I didn't get the bonus on this one, but I did go right to my daughters who collect Shopkins to see if they had a tiny cake I could borrow. I knew I could count on them.

So today I took Tiny Cake around with me as I went through my day. Nothing too exciting, but she seemed to enjoy it.

She posed for her first shot next to my deflating birthday balloon that has already managed to survive 8 days.

Then it was into my car to head for work.

She made my first (and possibly most important) stop of the day with me.

Then we got to work at office #1 where we had a full half-day of theatre administration.

Next up was an errand to The Ohio State University, where we had to drop off some promotional postcards. 

Next stop was the Distribution Center for the Columbus Metropolitan Library with more postcards.

Then we made it to office #2 where Tiny Cake helped my through a huge pile of emails and a meeting with some of the board members. 

As we left my office, we stopped to visit the statue near where I park called 'Deer in the City'.

Finally we made it back home to be attacked by the kids and we were both very ready for dinner!

Once all the kids were in bed, Tiny Cake and I kicked back to relax.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Day 232/365 - Cake in the Clouds

Didn't come out as well as I wanted it to, but I only had a blue pen to work with. Ah well.


Day 231/365 - New Superhero

#2 Done today. It only took a moment to decide in Super Cake Girl!

But since I can't draw a superhero, I just designed her cape!

Day 230/365 - Cup Holder

A couple of days behind again. Summer fever or something. In any case we're back on the road again. This time in Carbondale, IL for the eclipse.

I got three days in today. Today was tricky because of being on the road.

All I brought with me for prompt work was a composition book and a few colored pens. So I made my cake and then had to figure out how to attach it to the bottle. A little ingenuity and it was done!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 229/365 - Bicycle Cake

I don't know why this has been so hard to keep up this month. I'm blaming the new job, but really, I think I'm just not feeling this theme. In any case, I had a simple idea for this prompt.

And that's good, because day is the actual birthday day, and I've spent most of it running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We're skipping town tomorrow to head to Illinois for the eclipse. I'll be taking several days off work, which is probably a really good thing, because I need to unplug for a bit. But of course, that just means I try to squeeze more into the day before I go.

And yes, you are supposed to catch to silliness here. The theme is cakes. These are pancakes. Get it? Anyway, the bicycle is a long standing joke between my grandmother-in-law that I always have a bicycle in my kitchen. It's a long story. But I know she'd appreciate this.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 226/365 - Card Cake

I mulled this one over for awhile today. Once I set myself to task catching up on the three I was behind today, the ideas started flowing pretty well.

I started by looking through our playing card collection. After 20 years together, we've amassed a pretty nice collection. We also ask for people to bring us a deck back if they're traveling somewhere exotic. Mostly because a pack of souvenir playing cards is something you can always find. The pack I pulled out, though, was a set we bought just because we thought they were fun.

The cards are only about 2 inches wide and about 6 inches long. They're nice for playing a game which requires you to hold a lot of cards in your hand. I thought these might be a nice shape to work with. Then I flipped them over and remembered the pattern on the back, which lent itself very well to looking like frosting. Then I chuckled to myself at my own cleverness for the candles.

Day 225/365 - Home for a Bird

It was another day for searching around to find an idea for the prompt.

I started in my craft drawer, looking for some wood pieces to build a bird house with. I knew I was just going for the bird house shape and make a cake on it, or going for a cake shape. No luck in the drawer, so I sat down at my desk. Then saw these bird coasters I've used before.

I'll admit, when these were given to me, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. They're really flimsy card board, that wouldn't even make a good coaster. Now I've incorporated three of the four of them in prompts. I'm guessing I'll find a use for the last of them at some point.

Day 224/365 - Dirty Work

I went outside to do something quick for the day's prompt. (Still two days behind, but actually catching up). It wasn't as good as I wanted, but some days, you let it go. I know it's a cake, and that's enough for me today.

Day 223/365 - Mad Libs

August is proving to be the toughest month yet. Now, much of that is due to starting the new job and really taking off and running with it. I'm working more hours and bringing a lot more work home. Finding the time to get the prompts in is tricky. 

So I've vowed to make all missed days up at the end, so I'm keeping careful track. This one is actually from two days ago, but weird problems arose in getting it completed.

 I have wonderful memories of madlibs on car rides with my family. We would positively cackle at our ridiculous responses. I was looking forward to writing my own, using my birthday celebration as the premise.

I started by giving my husband the word prompts last night. He was not in the spirit of giving and gave rather lewd answers on every line. Which was funny to me, but certainly not what I needed for the project. So I tried again with my kids this morning. Here were there responses:

That was much sweeter, so we went with that. Although apparently my birthday was completely ignored. I really do want to catch up and not skip, so I'll keep trying...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 214/365 - Birthday Month

It's a new month - a special month. And a new month means a new theme. And since this IS a special month - MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, the new theme will be cakes! 

So I started simply enough. Toothpicks outline my cake, I added the color, then added the 41 candles on top.