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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Day 77/365 - Paper Shredding

I'm going to have some days mixed up here. I'll explain later.

I'm traveling this week. I am away from my four kids. So where do I go? Somewhere with three different kids. I'm safely ensconced in Silver Springs, Maryland. I'm staying with a friend who works in Washington DC. I traveled here on a giant bus from Central Ohio to attend National Arts Advocacy Day. I'm excited for it, but a little exhausted from the trip.

But #makesomething365 waits for no one, so I made sure the book was packed. Since I'm collaborating with family, but I'm not with mine, I borrowed my friend's 4-year-old daughter to help me.

I read the prompt to her and she ran to her stack of colored paper. We sat down to start tearing paper while we discussed what to do.

We decided to make a tree. I asked her what grew on the tree. She told me apples and oranges. So that's what we did. Then she said a pineapple should also grow on the tree. So we added that. Then she decided we needed bushes growing beneath the tree. So she went for her crayon box.

The bush on the left grows blueberries. The one on the right grows strawberries and ice cream. 

Yep! Done and done. 

Up next, I've asked my oldest to guest blog tomorrow!


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