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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 61/365 - Bathroom Bunnies

Today's prompt skeeved me out a bit. There are six people in out house sharing one bathroom. And three of them are boys, so I spend as little time as possible while not touching anything I don't have to. So I went to out medicine/linen closet for our materials.

 Today I went to my other daughter (6F) for help. I read the prompt to her and told her my suggestion. I remembered seeing washcloth bunnies, and I thought we could recreate them.

We sat down at the table together and figured them out. We each used a washcloth, a ponytail holder, and three plastic bandages. (Normally I couldn't condone wasting them, but we used the tiny little ones that aren't useful for anything.)

Then she asked if she could keep hers on her dresser for awhile. I'm totally going to let her.

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