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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 46/365 - Something About that Face

I had checked the prompt in the morning, to give myself time to think of something. I had my inspiration when I was driving in between my jobs today.

I saw a large photo mosaic billboard and wondered if I could do that. Turns out, there's an online service ( that will let you download a low-resolution copy of your photo mosaic for free. You can choose any photo to turn into a mosaic, then choose any library on your computer to fill it in, or it will give you some photo libraries. I chose one of theirs, that was all flowers.

Even if I didn't do very much, it was still fun to learn about a new tool that's available online. Part of the fun in #makesomething365 is learning about tools at my disposal and how I might be able to use them in everyday life.

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