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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day 4 - A 5 Minute Walk

Another day that the prompt threw me off my game. And it's really cold in Central Ohio. What was I going to do, walk around with a box of crayons when it's 15 degrees out? I don't think so.

So it was time to improvise. I took the 5 minute challenge out for a spin. I gave myself 5 minutes at my desk to come up with something.

I sat down with what I had and set a timer for 5 minutes.

I thought "I'll give myself exactly five minutes and work with whatever I've finished." So I went for quantity over quality with my coloring lines. This was after 5 minutes:

Alright, I can't leave it like that. Unacceptable. I set the timer for another 5 minutes.

Better, but I like this picture too much to not see it through. Set the time for another 5 minutes.

Argh. So close. I don't care I'm finishing. Once it was done, I once again raided my kids' toys to complete my project. I wanted to find a mini-me to go on a walk in the lovely warm place I colored. I think I enjoyed my version of a 5 minute (16.5 minute) walk better.


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