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Monday, January 16, 2017

Day 16 - Stamp It!

I had a perfect idea for today's prompt. Something simple and fun. If I couldn't do this one without any artistic aids, I shouldn't be doing this project.

The only obstacle was my desire to not waste food. As fate would have it, we had some small turnips going bad on our pantry shelf. I decided to sacrifice one of them for today.

I really wasn't sure how to carve it into shape, so I just sort of dove right in. I marked out the shape I was going for and just hoped for the best. Then I took a kitchen knife and carved off the parts I didn't need.

Next step was once again raiding my kids' art supplies. (Man do they have a lot of good stuff.)

I hoped that at least one of their stamp pads had enough life left in it to get through this. Apparently orange is not favored, because that one worked pretty well. I got my flowers down on paper.

I thought about trying to print out a vase to color, but then decided that although my sketching skills are greatly lacking, I must be able to draw a simple vase. (I'd be mocked if anyone found out how many eraser marks are under the color in the vase in the final product.)

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